Interesting News Leads..

1. Direct Address Lead

-“Disruptions: Let Silicon Valley Eat … Ramen Noodles?”

-September 16th, 2012. New York Times.

-“Silicon Valley would like the world to think it doesn’t care about money. But these start-ups aren’t nonprofit organizations.” (19)

-While entrepreneurs and venture capitalists of Silicon Valley make millions of dollars, they keep their personal profits under the sheets and out of public eye.

2. Basic Summary Lead

-“Asia-Pacific Forum to Cut Import Duties for Green Technologies”

-September 7th, 2012

-“Asia-Pacific nations have made a breakthrough in promoting trade in green technologies, and the United States is pressing ahead with efforts to carve out a regional free-trade zone, a senior U.S. official said Friday.” (35)

-This lead answers the questions of “what”, “when”, and “who.”


3.Basic Summary Lead

-“Move the Milk, Make Room for the Jam”

-September 14th, 2012

-“MAKING jam is simple. Canning isn’t.” (6)

-For a rather simple article, this lead explains “what” and “why”, which is the core of the article.


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