Arlington vs Radford – Presidential Election Results Compared

Arlington County supported Obama over Romney with 69% of the people supporting Obama and 29% of the people supporting Romney.

The outcome was much different in Radford.

51% of the people supported Obama and 47% of the people supported Romney.

Information found at:

Arlington home page :

Radford home page :

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Interesting Anecdotal/Narrative Lead

“There is no feeling in baseball quite as helpless as standing on deck when the season ends. Jayson Werth understands that exquisite agony.”

Above in quotes is a lead which falls in the anecdotal/narrative leads category.  The writer is setting up a story about Jayson Werth who was key to the Nationals latest victory.  Although the lead starts off using grim language, it helps to tell the story of a player who has gone through a lot to be victorious.



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Interesting News Leads..

1. Direct Address Lead

-“Disruptions: Let Silicon Valley Eat … Ramen Noodles?”

-September 16th, 2012. New York Times.

-“Silicon Valley would like the world to think it doesn’t care about money. But these start-ups aren’t nonprofit organizations.” (19)

-While entrepreneurs and venture capitalists of Silicon Valley make millions of dollars, they keep their personal profits under the sheets and out of public eye.

2. Basic Summary Lead

-“Asia-Pacific Forum to Cut Import Duties for Green Technologies”

-September 7th, 2012

-“Asia-Pacific nations have made a breakthrough in promoting trade in green technologies, and the United States is pressing ahead with efforts to carve out a regional free-trade zone, a senior U.S. official said Friday.” (35)

-This lead answers the questions of “what”, “when”, and “who.”


3.Basic Summary Lead

-“Move the Milk, Make Room for the Jam”

-September 14th, 2012

-“MAKING jam is simple. Canning isn’t.” (6)

-For a rather simple article, this lead explains “what” and “why”, which is the core of the article.

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News Reading 2

-“Mail Species” by Dave Phillips. The Gazette. December 11th, 2003

1. “True story: a few weeks ago, in a post office in Milwaukee, Wis., an alligator tried to chew its way out of an Express Mail box bound for Colorado.”

2.  This story is about which animals can legally be sent via mail in the United States.

3. This story is primarily a story about an oddity or bizarre occurrence. However, there is humor in the style of writing and it is also a source of entertainment.

 -“Murdered Caught in Texas 15 Years After Escape” by Linda J. Johnson. Lexington Herald-Leader. February 10th, 2005.

1. “Ralph Robert Annis, an escaped murderer who had eluded Kentucky Police since 1990, was arrested yesterday in Corpus Christi, Texas.  The arrest came just two weeks after the Herald-Leader began questioning state officials about their failure to close the case.”

2.  This story describes how an escaped murderer was found using difficult leads, and how those difficult leads landed Robert Raph Annis (murderer) back in jail.

3.  Proximity and Emotion seem to be the primary values for this story.  Anyone in the area of Corpus Christi, or even Texas, will be happy to know that a murderer is no longer in the streets.  Even people outside the area will be relieved to know the murderer is back behind bars.

-“Sustaining Sushi” by David Sarasohn. The Oregonian. January 23rd, 2009.

1.  “Most restaurants don’t even have slogans, and when they do, it’s something like ‘World’s Greatest Stuffed Eggplant’ or ‘Half Off Tuesdays.’  So it’s striking to see a restaurant that proclaims ‘Sustainable. Delectable. Possible.’”

2. This story is about a sushi restaurant that is environmentally aware and tries to make sushi delicious for those who may not have liked sushi in the first place.

3.  This story follows the trend started by the Green Revolution.  The currency and controversy of being environmentally aware is important in this day and age.  By having a diverse menu and good values, this restaurant hopes to attract customers and protect the environment.

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News Reading 1

1.  I found this story intriguing because I follow College sports, particularly football.

-“New Era at Penn State Starts With Loss at Home”

-September 1st, 2012

-[STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — The Penn State faithful would have stood here even if they could not see a thing. Thousands of them did. They held their sons and daughters on their shoulders for a glimpse. Down the street they lined up, holding signs that read, “You stayed with us …,” and on the back, “… We stand with you.”]

-Although the introduction paragraph doesn’t acknowledge the on-field aspects of the football game, it does great justice to the atmosphere that the Penn State fans created in their loss to Ohio.

2.  This story interests me because it illustrates how different styles can work together in the business world, even if those styles differ greatly.

-“A Weight-Loss Strategy From an Unlikely Pair”

-September 1st, 2012

-[First, there were the tattoos. Mr. Kates, a personal trainer in Los Angeles, is covered in them, including one, on his neck, of a dead mouse. Mr. Berkowitz, an indie filmmaker known for the mock documentary “20 Dates,”favors khakis and button-down shirts. Second, what Mr. Kates was saying seemed too good to be true. At the time, Mr. Berkowitz was the heaviest he’d ever been, 219 pounds, and asked Mr. Kates for advice on how to lose weight. Mr. Kates told him to eat all his favorite foods — ribs, hamburgers, pizza — but to eat less of them.]

-This article discusses contrasting styles for a weight-loss program and how two totally different men were able to combine their strategies to create a successful program.

3.  This article caught my attention because the NFL season is starting this Wednesday, and the Redskins have a lot of hype surrounding their team with a new quarterback and wide receiving core.

-“Mike Shanahan: Redskins need to get Brandon Banks the ball more”

-September 2nd, 2012

-[After observing the way that third-year pro Brandon Banks responded to the challenge issued to him at the start of training camp, Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said that the team must find ways to get the speedy player the ball more this season.]

-Mike Shanahan, coach of the Washington Redskins, decided to increase the reps that Brandon Banks sees in practice.  Whether they be reps on special teams or as a wide receiver, the team believes Banks deserves a spot on the team for his playmaking abilities.

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